Friends of Ashleigh School Association

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(FASA) Friends of Ashleigh School Association

Hopefully this will answer some questions you may have about Friends of Ashleigh School and we hope you can support us as your child progresses up through school.

What is F.A.S.A. all about?

This hardworking and fun loving group of parents, teachers and friends of the school meet regularly to organise social and fundraising activities for us.

Annual events include our super Summer Fair and school discos and we are always looking for ideas for new things for our children to enjoy.

Run by volunteers, including the school staff and parents, whose aim is to raise money for the benefit of the pupils of Ashleigh Primary School.

How do I become a member of F.A.S.A.?
The good news is that as a parent or carer of a pupil who attends Ashleigh Primary School you are automatically a member.

How are funds raised?
We hold a number of events throughout the year including school discos, a Summer fair, jumble sales, coffee mornings, cake sales etc.

What are the funds spent on?
A wide variety of resources including book bags, rewards for good behaviour, play equipment etc.

Is Friends only involved in fundraising?
No. We are also asked to support a number of events which are organised by the school such as serving refreshments at school plays and sports events, parents evenings and open evenings.


How can I become involved with Friends?
Everyone is welcome to come along to any of the Friends meetings. These are usually held about every 5 weeks usually immediately after school finishes. They are currently held at school, in the community room.

If childcare is a problem you can bring your children along and they will be able to wait in the main hall hall while the meeting takes place. There is no commitment to coming to every meeting!

I do not want to come to the meetings but would still like to help. Is there anything else I can do to become involved?
You can complete the form at the end of this leaflet and join our register of helpers.

What is the register of helpers?
In the past we have found it difficult to plan events, as we are never sure how many people will be available to help. Therefore we are putting together a register of volunteers who may be available to help at Friends events.

What kind of help could I give?
We need a wide range of help. There is usually something to suit everybody but the main areas are: -

«  Planning, advertising and organising events (usually discussed at Friends meetings)

«  Setting up events – setting up stalls, shopping for refreshments, prizes etc

«  Running events – running a stall, serving refreshments

«  Clearing away after events


How will I be able to help as I work during the day?
We need a range of helpers who are available at different times of the day either before school, during the school day, immediately after school, or in the evenings. It is a great way for those parents who aren’t available to help during the day to become involved in your child’s school.

What if I register as a helper and find I have other commitments when I am asked to help at an event?
Friends would contact volunteers in advance of any event to make sure they were available and willing to help. We understand that everyone has other commitments.

How many times would I be asked to help?
The more helpers on the register, the fewer occasions each volunteer will be asked to help!

Our next event is:

A Farewell to (FASA) Friends of Ashleigh School Association

At the start of this half term, I wanted to take a few moments to thank those in this picture - Julie, Zoe,and have all been lead members of FASA, our friends association for the past 11 years. FASA, as a group, have done a huge amount to raise money that goes to the children of our school but more than that, they have provided a fabulous range of extra opportunities - from the Fundazone to Father Christmas; from school discos to the summer fete. As their children have grown up, many of whom are now in secondary, we say goodbye to this wonderful group who have stepped down from the leadership of FASA. I would like to say huge thank you for all the hard work of everyone, staff and parents have helped with FASA over the years.

Sadly, at the recent AGM, no volunteers came forward to take on key leadership roles within FASA and as such it will be suspended. If you are interested in leading FASA into its next stages, please do come and have a chat with myself, or for first hand knowledge of how it all works, Julie Fisher, who is also a class TA.

Chris Greenhall